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Tiger Brand is one of the main construction product lines of SCG Group. Its products range from cement and surface-related products to innovative construction solution services. There are many choices to choose from, responding to every age and popularity. Providing long-lasting durability with professional service. With its experience in high standard quality construction, Tiger Brand wants to translate its expertise in a more inspirational way. Creating a website is therefore not only selling the products alone but must also be useful and inspiring to homeowners and builders as well. Feeling like reading a home magazine, the website becomes an inspirational hub where users can visit to get inspired by stories while learning about the products at the same time. Thus, promoting a simple way of linking various products to their proper usage effectively.

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To modernize the website from the previous design, we kept the new design as simple and minimal as we could. Concentrating more on the colors white and grey for the open areas (ease of reading), and uses less of green to emphasize the theme of the brand with yellow highlights. The design is aimed at the expansion of the new generation. Furthermore, to enhance the overall experience while interacting with the site contents, each section is equipped with “Cross Content Navigation" to link related information together forming a continuous experience. For instant, in Tiger Buk-Baan-Suay, not only will users get to see examples of houses built with Tiger Brand products, but they can also continue to read on how to do various techniques and the products being used. Intending for users to gain ideas and inspiration in building a home while ultimately promoting the products. Tiger Brand website also has a "Personalization" feature, a special marketing feature that allows users to see the most popular products according to the users' local region. Thus, serving the related information to the target group and can also extend to other parts for future sales and promotions as well.

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