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Engaging and interactive experience

The mini game flow of Ponstan by Pfizer, offers an engaging and interactive experience for users. This mobile-only game allows players to shout out loud while playing, adding an element of fun and excitement.

We have incorporated this unique mini game as a way to engage with their target audience in a playful manner. By shouting out loud during the gameplay, players not only enjoy the experience but also create an immersive environment that enhances their overall interaction with the brand.

This mini game serves as a creative and entertaining way to promote Ponstan among Thai women. It provides an opportunity for users to have fun while also learning about the benefits and features of the product. By leveraging mobile technology and incorporating shout outs into the gameplay, Ponstan has effectively captured the attention of its target audience and created a memorable brand experience.

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How to play

A vibrant and exciting world

In the mini game "The Bear Shout Out Loud!", players take on the role of the character "P’Mhee La moon" as they navigate through a vibrant and exciting world. The objective of the game is to collect symbols, including Yellow Plus, Blue Plus, and Pee Mhee, while jumping over obstacles and avoiding hazards.

To play the game, players need to control P’Mhee La moon's jumps by shouting out loud  during the gameplay at the right time. By timing their jumps correctly, players can help Pee Mhee La moon collect as many symbols as possible. Each symbol collected adds points to their score.

The game also features a competitive element where players can compare their scores with others who have played the game. The more symbols collected, the higher the score will be. Players can challenge themselves and compete with others to see who can achieve the highest score in the game.

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Appealing game for people of all ages

"The Bear Shout! Out Loud" is a mini game that has captured the hearts of thousands of players. Its success can be attributed to its cute design and pastel colors, making it a fun and appealing game for people of all ages. Its ability to reach a diverse audience has made it a popular choice for marketing campaigns.

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