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Take a break and enjoy the aroma.

In the midst of high-rise buildings, Cafe Amazon depicts itself as a forrest oasis where everyone can take a rest from their busy lives. Taking a break and enjoying the aroma of purely grounded coffee will boost you up for a fresh morning. Cafe Amazon's website wants you to join a journey and experience a trek through a lush jungle where you would pass through the thick foliage before you reach and discover a final resting oasis in a beautiful valley.

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Golden rays of sun shine.

Golden rays of sun shine along with the rich smell of brown coffee beans with a touch of natural green, are main the colors scheme that we use for Cafe Amazon website to emphasize the concept of a ‘forrest oasis’. With the background resembles the morning sun and the decoration of various tropical plant leaves, the overall feel of the website is aiming towards warmth, softness, and relaxation to convey the experience as if you are to walk into the physical Cafe Amazon shop. The website is featuring all products of Cafe Amazon, new promotions, and a nice trivia about coffee and coffee beans. Finding the nearest Cafe Amazon is easy with a our built-in store locator. Applying for a franchise can also be done directly from the site for those who are interested in starting their business with Cafe Amazon.

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