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Today, our world is facing many environmental problems.

Global warming, climate change, or the overflowing of waste have tremendous effect on our lives. SCG is aware of such problems and striving to encourage all departments and their employees to see the importance and act up on accordingly to the concept of circular economy. The key to achieving sustainable development in economy, society and environment. SCG Circular Way strives to spark the understanding, and at the same time encourages the change in its production and consumption behavior accordingly to the practice of the circular economy.

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So what is Circular Economy? And why is it so important?

These questions are answered through stories of people who implement the concept in driving their businesses are told as examples and inspirations. All the stories are featured and collected on the website. Starting from the awareness of environmental issues to the implementation of the concept of circular economy, the design of the web site are base on 3 basic things. PLANTS (representing with the color green) means all living things. WATER (representing with blue) are agents of life nourishment. LIGHT (the color yellowish orange) representatives of the birth of life. These colors are used in all illustrations on websites and in other online media channels as well. The illustration is designed in a hand painted style to give that natural feeling. The over all simplicity for the design of the website balances out with the colorful and meaningful illustration.

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