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SCBLIFE, a life insurance company operating under the supervision of Siam Commercial Bank.

Providing health & life insurance products along with financial supervision in both individual and organization format — Life insurance for saving, Life insurance investment for the family, Health insurance and etc. For over 43 years in the life insurance industry, SCBLIFE has evolved in its communication strategy with a major update in 2018. With a desire to make the brand more modern to reach more new generations, SCBLIFE commissions us to develop a new Corporate Digital Style Guide to use in all their digital work. Aiming for all communication under the brand SCBLIFE in all online touch points.

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Warm. Clear. Clean.

SCBLIFE - Digital Style Guide consists of various specifications and guidelines in producing any new design work for its brand. Including the use of logos, styles and fonts, brand colors, images, icons and graphics art direction, key artwork and templates for a wide variety of works such as online media, application design and web design. With their satisfaction from the initial design of SCBLIFE - Digital Style Guide, we given more opportunities to redefine all the designs of the SCBLIFE’s Mobile Application and Web Style Guide.

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