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#Happiness You Can Choose

PTT-OR wants to use the LINE Official Account “OR Happy Life” as a channel to not only communicate information, news, and promotions of various products under PTT Oil and Retail Businesses, but also enable customers to do more on the platform.

Hence, the Friend Centric & Personalization mission is to make LINE “OR Happy Life” a brand that really knows and understands the happiness of its audience. With the concept “#Sook Luek Dai” (#Happiness you can choose), the audience is allowed to choose their happiness as a product or service of OR through BCRM data collection for more personalized content and Rich Menu that is more relevant to each individual.

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Besides the PTT Blue that we have to stick to, we also push the usage of P’Godji (the already well-known PTT mascot) to make the design more fun and the content more story-driven for better interactivity.

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Node.js / React.js / Express.js / AJAX / LINEliff / LINE Messaging API

Both Frontend and Backend have been set up with Group Auto Scaling to ensure the expansion capability to support the traffic during peak time to avoid application downtime.There is also a system for storing image files of various contents that are uploaded or run from the system Backoffice, Flexcard, and LineLiff of NodeJS Application for high security. Make use of CDN for faster download performance and efficiency.

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