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"VR Real Player"

Krungsri Consumer is one of the top leaders in credit card and personal loan businesses in Thailand. Operate with an indiscriminate focus on recognizing and appreciating individual differences (Diversity & Inclusion). In addition, employees are developed to become professionalism by continuously promoting, learning and developing human resources in order to deliver the power to drive the organization for sustainable growth. “VR REAL PLAYER” campaign was created to find a new generation of individuals with technological capabilities who are ready to grow together with the organization under the concept "the game changer in financial innovation, to fulfill a better life for all."

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Swamp Green. Tiara Green. Yellow Gold.

Given the new corporate identity for “VR REAL PLAYER”, the new microsite is used to introduce the new creative identity. Using Swamp Green and Tiara Green as the main colors together with black and white as secondary colors with highlights of yellow gold give Krungsri Consumer its new look, yet still connecting to the original branding. In addition, the use of the "Beam Graphic" in the layout is to convey an idea of moving forward and always shines on the important contents on the page. Along with the use of images of individuals' whose characters match the personality of the brand to communicate and to encourage participation in the recruitment.

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