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Innop or Innopreneur is a prototype project in a PhD program at Chulalongkorn University on the topic of “The Development of Intelligent Tutoring Mobile Application with Design Thinking Process to Upskill Entrepreneurial Competency and Generate New Business Ideas in Higher Education.” With assumptions that modern Thai entrepreneurs do not possess adequate entrepreneurial competency and business creativity. Innop is created to help aid with the learning approach and as guidance along the entrepreneurial journey.

Available 24/7, a Chat-bot avatar can give the students a one-on-one session anytime they want to build and develop their entrepreneurial competency. An evaluation system is also built into the application to measure students' progress. Inspiration can also be found within the story collections of successful entrepreneurs.

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Functionality Focused

This design mainly uses the color light blue as it expresses ideas, inspiration, and progression. Contrasting by opaque pink on highlights and important points. This color combination is also the color of Chulalongkorn University.

With attention to learning, the overall design is geared towards functionality as the main focus with a simple and straightforward use of solid colors that are relatively flat with slight drop shadows. A simple design with few elements to reduce users' distractions and improve concentration on the content.

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