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Mothers Awareness and Encouragement.

“Bye Bye IPD” is one of the marketing campaigns of the drug manufacturer and distributor “Pfizer Thailand” to create awareness and encourage mothers with babies from 2 months old to become aware of the danger of pneumonia, also known as IPD (Invasive Pneumococcal Disease), that cause by bacterial infection in children. An easy way to prevent this from happening is through preventive vaccination.

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Monstrous, Yet So Cute!

Within the pediatric environment, the campaign communicates to mothers about the terrifying IPD by telling simple stories through cartoon characters representing the diseases. The characters are designed to give that little monstrous yet cute feeling with the use of colorful pastel colors. They are used throughout the campaign and on all the communication materials such as brochures, online media, cartoons animation, music MVs, and also a web application in a form of Mini Games for awaiting mothers at the clinics. Simple "Yes or No” answers test the versatility of mothers, which they can then share the score to their social media to show off to their friends.

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Vue.js and Node.js

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